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Deluxe Wine Aerator Decanter with Stand

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The tradition of enjoying a good glass of wine is important, whether you are a connoisseur, a subtle sipper, red wine admirer or white wine lover.
The wine Aerator compliments your drinking experience with its new and innovative system.
The enjoyment of wine is based on the sense awakening flavours and aromas, and is much more pleasing when it’s allowed to breathe.
The wine aerator creates a system where the wine and air are mixed for the perfect balance, letting the wine to breathe instantly.
You will notice an enhanced taste with a smoother finish, for an allround better glass of wine.

– Transparent cup, drip stand: Acryl
– Black holder, hand grip : Silica gel
– Stand of Bracket: ABS plastic
– Sediment filter: Stainless Steel

Net Weight: 612G

– 1x Wine Decanter/ aerator
– 1x Decanter Base
– 1xChassis
– 1x Filter
– 1x Travel Pouch
– 1x Cresent-moon bracket & stand


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