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  • Smart Home WiFi Inte...

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    Nowadays life is full of hidden dangers. Even in our own home, we cannot absolutely guarantee our safety. Usually when someone knocks on the door, we will open the door directly, but we will ignore the danger that we may not know. With this WiFi intercom doorbell, we can observe outdoor conditions without opening the door, and to identify potential safety hazards. This is especially important for children who are alone at home. This visual doorbell can detect suspicious people outside the door and use a memory card for recording, and push message alerts in time. This is definitely a must-have device for home security.

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  • ICSEE HD indoor IP c...

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    One cannot stress the IMPORTANCE of security enough. May it be for your loved ones at home or your hard worked assets at the office or warehouse.

    Introducing the LATEST in SMART surveillance technology the ICSEE HD indoor IP camera with TILT pan and scan

    -easy to set up (youtube tutorial available)
    – camera can move upon your control inorder to be able to see all corners
    – have remote access from anywhere in the world
    – 2 way audio

    what is a WiFi camera?

    simply put, a security device that records video and one can access from anywhere at anytime via their smart phone, please note WiFi connection must be available at place of installation.

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Showing all 2 results